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Seller Registration
Benefits of Joining Myla
Enjoy 3 Months Commission-Free
Myla offers exclusive 3-month commission-free period, giving you the freedom to focus on building a customer base without worrying about service fees.
Support Team
Dedicated Seller Support Team
Myla assigns a dedicated team to assist sellers with any issues or queries they may have. This ensures a smoother onboarding process and ongoing support for a positive selling experience.
Product Exposure
Automated Product Exposure
We use our own algorithm to ensure that all your products receive equal exposure without the need for boosting them with ads.
Customizable Storefronts
Every Seller is able to personalize their storefronts with branding elements, banners, and unique layouts.
Sell Smarter & Faster

Step-by-step to register a Myla account

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Step 1:
Quick Sign-Up
Scan registration QRcode and register as a seller instantly.
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Step 2:
Verification in 24 Hours
Get verified as a Seller in just 24 hours!
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Step 3:
Seamless Product Listings
Start uploading product direcly from phone or desktop.
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Step 4:
Earn Profits
Start your profits right away!
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